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New version of Trend Micro OfficeScan


Trend Micro OfficeScan 11 includes the following features and enhancements.

Download the latest version of OfficeScan here.

Server Enhancements:

  • SQL Database Migration Tool
  • Administrators can choose to migrate the existing CodeBase® server database to a SQL server database.
  • This version of OfficeScan supports the upgraded Smart Protection Server 3.0. The upgraded Smart Protection Server includes File Reputation Services pattern enhancements.
  • Enhanced server authentication keys ensure that all communication to and from the server is secure and trusted.
  • The role-based administration enhancement streamlines how administrators configure roles and accounts making integration with Trend Micro Control Manager™ more streamlined.
  • This version of OfficeScan can integrate with the Apache 2.2.25 web server.
  • The OfficeScan interface has been redesigned to provide an easier, more streamlined, and more modern experience. All the features available in the previous OfficeScan server are still available in the updated version.
  • Cloud-based context-sensitive online help ensures that administrators always have the most up-to-date information whenever the help system opens. If an Internet connection is unavailable, OfficeScan automatically switches to the local online help system shipped with the product.
  • Platform and Browser Support - Windows Server™ 2012 R2 (server and agent), Windows 8.1 (agent only), Internet Explorer™ 11.0

Agent Enhancements:

  • Central Quarantine Restore
  • Advanced Protection Service
  • Data Protection enhancements
  • Suspicious Connection Settings enhancement
  • Outbreak Prevention enhancements
  • Self-protection feature enhancements
  • Scan performance and detection enhancements
  • OfficeScan agent interface redesign

Detailed list of new features and improvements you can find here.

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