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Dell SonicWALL

SonicWall Analyzer
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Tightly integrated hardware, software and services deliver best-of-breed security

Dell™ SonicWALL™ security solutions enable organizations of all sizes to secure their network, systems, users and data with a deep level of protection that won't compromise network performance. Dell SonicWALL wired and wireless solutions are deployed in small and medium organizations as well as distributed enterprise environments, government, retail point-of-sale, healthcare and service providers.

BeoNET became a Silver Partner of SonicWALL in 2011.

Network Security

Deepest protection and control.

Dell™ SonicWALL™ Next-Generation Firewalls, deliver superior intrusion prevention, malware protection, application intelligence and control, real-time traffic visualization and inspection for SSL encrypted sessions at the gateway by tightly integrating a patented Reassembly-Free Deep Packet Inspection®1 engine with multi-core hardware. Essential to an intelligent and highly adaptive security system, Dell SonicWALL Next-Generation Firewalls scan every byte of every packet for the deepest level of network protection and, unlike competitive offerings, massively scale to extend state-of-the-art security to growing and distributed enterprise networks. Dell SonicWALL firewalls provide a comprehensive layer of defense by combining gateway content filtering, anti-spam, anti-virus, anti-spyware, intrusion prevention, and regain visibility into the network through application intelligence and visualization.

More information on Dell SonicWALL network security solutions you can find here.

SuperMassive Series

The Dell™ SonicWALL™ SuperMassive™ Series is a Next-Generation Firewall platform designed for large networks to deliver scalability, reliability and deep security at multi-gigabit speeds. The SuperMassive series was designed with power, space, and cooling (PSC) in mind, providing the leading Gbps/Watt. Offering the ultimate in security with uncompromising performance, SuperMassive is ideal for large enterprises, data centers and carriers.

E-Class NSA Series

The Dell SonicWALL E-Class Network Security Appliance (NSA) Series provides enterprises with Next-Generation Firewall protection utilizing a high-performance multi-core architecture to meet the needs of the most demanding mid-size enterprise networks.

NSA Series

The Dell™ SonicWALL™ Network Security Appliance (NSA) Next-Generation Firewall Series secures distributed enterprises, small- to medium-sized organizations, branch offices, school campuses and government agencies with intrusion prevention, SSL decryption, application control, gateway anti-malware, and URL filtering. The high-performance multi-core architecture includes a wireless switch/controller on all devices, plus optional integrated 802.11n wireless on select devices.

TZ Series

The Dell SonicWALL TZ Series is the most secure Unified Threat Management (UTM) firewall for small businesses, retail deployments, distributed enterprises, remote sites and branch offices. Unlike consumer-grade products, the TZ Series delivers the most effective intrusion prevention, anti-malware, content/URL filtering and application control capabilities along with option 802.11n wireless and the broadest, most secure mobile platform support for laptops, smartphones and tablets. It provides high performance, full Deep Packet Inspection without introducing bottlenecks.

WXA Series

Acceleration Appliance (WXA) Series improves the end user experience and increases the effectiveness of the existing network infrastructure by reducing application latency and conserving bandwidth for small- to medium-sized organizations with remote and branch offices. The WXA Series can be deployed and managed as an add-on to existing Dell SonicWALL E-Class Network Security Appliance (NSA), NSA and TZ Series Next-Generation Firewalls running SonicOS 5.8.1 or later.

Clean Wireless Series

Dell SonicWALL Clean Wireless solutions combine high performance 802.11 technology with our award-winning line of NSA appliances to deliver unparalleled wireless security and performance while drastically simplifying network set up and management.

SSL VPN Secure Mobile Access

Anywhere, anytime secure mobile and remote access for any size organization.

With Dell™ Secure Mobile Access solutions, including Secure Remote Access (SRA) appliances and the Mobile Connect app, you can offer mobile and remote workers using smartphones, tablets or laptops — whether managed or unmanaged — policy-enforced SSL VPN access to mission-critical applications, data and resources without compromising security.

More information on Dell SonicWALL SSL VPN Secure Mobile Access solutions you can find here.

For the enterprise and large organizations

The Dell SonicWALL E-Class Secure Remote Access (SRA) appliance delivers a complete secure remote access solution for up to 20,000 concurrent mobile-enterprise users from a single appliance, without escalating infrastructure costs or complexity.

For small- to medium-sized businesses and organizations

The Dell SonicWALL Secure Remote Access (SRA) Appliance provides small- to medium-sized businesses with a powerful, easy-to-use and cost-effective secure mobile access solution.

Anti-Spam & Email Security

Powerful, award-winning protection against inbound and outbound email threats

Email is crucial for your business communication, but it can also expose your business to sabotage. Dell™ SonicWALL™ Email Security protects your business against viruses, zombies, spam, phishing and other attacks by leveraging multiple proven and patented1 threat detection techniques, plus a unique, worldwide attack identification and monitoring network. Easy to set up and administer, you can scale your email security deployment from 10 to 100,000 mailboxes. Email Security also prevents confidential data leaks and regulatory violations through advanced compliance scanning and management and email encryption to ensure the secure exchange of email containing sensitive customer data or confidential information.

More information on Dell SonicWALL Anti-Spam & Email Security solutions you can find here.

Email Security uređaji

Businesses with 25 users or more that desire complete inbound and outbound email protection on one system, from one vendor, can benefit from a Dell SonicWALL Email Security appliance with a hardened Linux-based OS.

Email Security Virtual Appliance

The Dell SonicWALL Email Security Virtual Appliance provides the same powerful protection as a traditional Dell SonicWALL Email Security appliance, only in a virtual form, to optimize utilization, ease migration and reduce capital costs.

Email Security for SBS ili EBS

Dell SonicWALL Email Security (SES) for SBS or EBS servers offers the same functionality and powerful protection as a traditional Dell SonicWALL Email Security appliance—only in a software form.

Hosted Email Security

Dell SonicWALL Hosted Email Security offers small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) superior cloud-based protection from spam, phishing attacks and malware, while minimizing deployment, administration and bandwidth expenses.

Centralized Management & Reporting

Dell SonicWALL's management and reporting solutions provide a comprehensive architecture for centrally creating and managing security policies, providing real-time monitoring and alerts, and delivering intuitive compliance and usage reports, all from a single management interface. Whether your organization is a small- or medium-sized business, a distributed enterprise or a managed service provider, Dell™ SonicWALL™ offers software and appliance solutions to meet its needs.

More information on Dell SonicWALL Centralized Management & Reporting solutions you can find here.


The award-winning Dell SonicWALL Global Management System (GMS®) provides organizations, distributed enterprises and service providers with a flexible, powerful and intuitive solution to centrally manage and rapidly deploy Dell SonicWALL firewall, anti-spam, backup and recovery, and secure remote access solutions. Flexibly deployed as software, hardware—in the form of the Universal Management Appliance (UMA)—or a virtual appliance, Dell SonicWALL GMS also provides centralized real-time monitoring, and comprehensive policy and compliance reporting to drive down the cost of owning and managing Dell SonicWALL security appliances. Multiple GMS software, hardware, and virtual appliance agents, when deployed in a cluster, can scale to manage thousands of Dell SonicWALL security appliances. This makes GMS an ideal solution for small- to medium-sized businesses, enterprises and managed service providers that have either single-site or distributed multi-site environments.


SonicWall Analyzer
SonicWall Analyzer
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Dell SonicWALL Analyzer is an affordable, easy to use web-based traffic analytics and reporting tool that provides real-time and historical insight into the health, performance and security of the network. Analyzer supports Dell SonicWALL firewalls, Continuous Data Protection, backup and recovery appliances, and secure remote access solutions./p>


SonicWall Scrutinizer
SonicWall Scrutinizer
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Dell SonicWALL Scrutinizer is a multi-vendor, flow-based application traffic analytics, visualization and reporting tool to measure and troubleshoot network performance and utilization while increasing productivity for enterprises and service providers. Scrutinizer supports a wide range of routers, switches, firewalls, and data-flow reporting protocols, providing unparalleled insight into application traffic analysis from IPFIX/NetFlow data exported by Dell SonicWALL firewalls. Scrutinizer easily identifies top applications, conversations, flows, protocols, domains, countries and subnets, and alerts on suspicious behavior. Features include deep packet application traffic analysis, proactive jitter/latency monitoring, automated reporting and customizable dashboards. Scrutinizer also offers role-based administration, threshold-based alerts (requires the Flow Analytics Module), and special features for MSPs and ISPs (available in the Multi-Tenancy Module).



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