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Beonet is present from the moment of the establishment of your company. We follow your growth and assist in your every step with analysis, planning and solutions, thus helping you achieve the optimal level of security and business management.

Protection and Security

Nowadays, business information is the most important item of a company. Unprotected data, in addition to the fact that it can be lost if the device on which it is stored fails, represents an excellent target for hackers and negligent or malicious employees. Data protection must therefore include protection at multiple levels and it must be adequately protected at every single part of the network so that it can be protected as a whole, because a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

BeoNET, as a representative of the leading companies in the field of of protection and security of computer systems, can eliminate any vulnerabilities that exist or may arise on your system.

Protection solutions are divided into several segments according to the devices and environment they are protecting.

PC and Macintosh computers protection

Protection for small number of individual computers without a server.

BeoNET offers Trend Micro solutions for the protection of desktop computers.

PC protection

  • Titanium Antivirus + is the basic protection ant it is intended for users of netbook computers
  • Titanium Internet Security is for protection of desktop and laptop computers and it represents a basic protection for surfing and online shopping, as well as protection for your kids while they are online
  • Titanium Maximum Security is a comprehensive solution which among other things includes protection for smartphone and tablet devices, as well as protection for social networks

Macintosh protection

Titanium Internet Security for Mac is designed for fans of "apples" and offers protection from phishing scams, blocks suspicious IM and email links, limiting access to unsafe websites and certain categories of websites.

Endpoint and mobile devices

Protection for physical and virtual endpoints, as well as mobile devices such as tablet computers and smart phones.

Endpoint protection

OfficeScan is one solution that has proven to be one of the best in protection from the latest threats and all of that in one endpoint agent that is managed from the single console. This solution is an integrated data protection and protection from threats.

Worry-Free Business Security solutions are best for small to medium companies that want to protect their PC, laptops, servers, and other Windows and Mac clients. Worry-Free Business Security solutions have three versions: Services, Standard i Advanced

Endpoint Encryption is a complete solution for encryption of data stored on desktop and laptop computers, files and folders, including removable media such as CD, DVD and USB devices. Endpoint Encryption protects data if the device is lost or stolen, and prevents unauthorized access to data stored on the device.

Protection for mobile devices

Mobile Security is an integrated solution for protecting and managing mobile devices. It protects data by applying the use of a password, data encryption and remote wipe of data if the device is lost or stolen. This solution supports Apple iOS, Android, RIM BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and Symbian platforms.


Protection against spam, phishing, viruses, spyware and inappropriate content.

Combining protection from threats such as email and web reputation technologies with content protection, you can stop threats in real time, before they reach your network. You can protect outgoing messages with solutions for email encryption and data protection.

InterScan Messaging Security combines the privacy and control of powerful virtual machines at the gateway with proactive protection of an optional previous filtering in the cloud that stops most of the threats and spam in the cloud. With this solution, you can expand the protection with add-on products for the protection of privacy and data encryption.

Hosted Email Security is a solution that requires no maintenance and provides continuously updated email protection to stop spam malware in email messages before they reach the network, i.e. in the cloud.

Email Encryption preserves the confidentiality of your email messages, facilitates compliance and reduces the cost with encryption based on the identity for hosted, gateway endpoint and email solutions.

ScanMail for Microsoft Exchange offers antivirus, antispam and antiphishing protection with innovative email and Web Reputation technology to block messages containing links to malicious websites. With this solution it is possible to take the optional Data Loss Prevention (DLP) module whose role is to protect sensitive data.

ScanMail for Lotus Domino provides email protection as a native IBM Lotus Domino server application which blocks viruses, spam and other email threats. This solution provides group management, centralized control and cluster support.

PortalProtect for Microsoft SharePoint protects collaboration with Web Reputation technologies which blocks malicious links and filters malware and other malicious content in files and in SharePoint web contents.

IM Security for Microsoft Lync and Office Communication Server presents a solution for real-time protection for IM communications by blocking links to malicious sites and by using antivirus and antispyware. IM Security provides flexible content filtering to ensure the appropriate use of IM and to prevent data theft.


A proactive real-time protection for your network and web from threats and vulnerabilities.

InterScan Web Security is a software virtual appliance for gateway web security that features application control, leading anti-malware, real-time web reputation, and flexible URL filtering for superior web threat protection.

Data protection

Protection of privacy and intellectual property solutions by using the encryption, control and protection.


Data Loss Prevention protects personal information and intellectual property with wide range of DLP solutions and modules that allow easier detection, monitoring and protection of information.

Trend Micro having DLP module are:

  • OfficeScan
  • InterScan Messaging Security
  • PortalProtect
  • ScanMail Suite for Microsoft Exchange

SecureClour offers efficient services for encryption which are easy to use and which guard your information in public and private cloud environment, as well as in your VMware vSphere virtual environment.

Email Encryption protects the confidentiality of email, simplifies achieving compliance and reduces costs by using encryption based on the identity for hosted, gateway endpoint and email solutions.

Endpoint Encryption protects PC, USB devices and removable media by encrypting entire disk, by encrypting files and portable media, so in case of a loss or theft, your data remains safe.

Data center and cloud protection

Optimization of protection for physical, virtual and cloud servers and virtual desktops.

Server protection

Protection of your data from theft, business interruption and violations of legal, regulatory or contractual obligations.

Deep Security provides a unique platform for server protection that seeks to protect the physical, virtual and cloud servers and virtual desktops. Tightly integrated modules easily expand the protection and antimalware protection, integrity monitoring, prevention and intrusion detection, application control, firewall and log inspection.

ServerProtect simplifies and automates backup activity on physical servers that are Linux, Microsoft Windows i Novell NetWare, as well as for leading storage systems. Detecting malware in real time and the possibility of cleaning helps you to remove malicious code and recover after damage to the system caused by malware.

Cloud protection

The combination of virtualized platform protection with encryption and key management to protect servers, applications and data in the cloud environment.

Deep Security protects systems and applications that are being developed in the private, public and hybrid cloud environments by using anti-malware protection, integrity monitoring, detection and prevention of attacks, control web application firewall and log inspection modules. This solution is available in two versions, with and without the agent, and the agent can be managed through a single console.

SecureCloud is designed for encrypting and protection of data in the public, private and hybrid cloud environments while also protecting the data stored on physical and virtual servers. Key management based on policy is easy to use and authenticates the identity and integrity of servers requiring encryption keys and control where and when you can access the protected data.

Suites for complete network protection, data center, physical and cloud environments

No matter what you want to protect and how large or small are your demands, different suites are designed to protect your information regardless of the environment in which they reside.

Enterprise Security Suite offers a flexible protection from gateway to endpoint devices with excellent performance and centralized management.

Enterprise Security for Endpoints and Mail Servers provides protection against a large number of threats for email and file servers, desktops, laptops and mobile devices.

Enterprise Security for Endpoints offers a flexible, strong protection for file servers, desktops, laptops and mobile devices with innovative technology that frees up resources on endpoint devices.

Enterprise Security for Communication and Collaboration provides proactive protection for Microsoft email, instant messaging, and SharePoint systems.

Enterprise Security for Gateways offers protection at the gateway for web and email by using software virtual appliance to block malware, malicious links and unwanted content before they reach your network.



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