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Beonet is present from the moment of the establishment of your company. We follow your growth and assist in your every step with analysis, planning and solutions, thus helping you achieve the optimal level of security and business management.

Network Engineering

Modern business operations nowadays can not be imagined without information technology. The application of modern information technologies enables better communication for the organization with its environment. IT Consultant (Information Technology Consultant) is a company that is able to introduce all the benefits of using information technologies to your everyday business operations. Experienced and highly qualified BeoNET team pays a lot of attention to providing high quality support and services. Considering the drastic expanding and deepening in all areas of information technology, it is illusory to think that only one IT engineer in the company can cover all of IT’s needs. By hiring IT consultants you will be provided with the entire team of professionals that will take care of your entire IT infrastructure on daily basis.

BeoNET is here to help you design, implement and support your electronic business, on a "turnkey".

Our experts will provide you with high quality consulting services, ranging from consulting and design phase, to the maintenance phase. We have all the necessary logistics and expertise to meet all your requirements and needs. Our team works closely with clients to meet all your requirements and ensure that your business is supported by an appropriate and reliable hardware, software and services. Our experts from customer support are certified and have an extensive experience in Microsoft, Apple, UNIX and Linux system support, Compaq, Hewlett Packard, Intel, IBM servers and workstations, as well as in the field of protection and information security.

In short - IT Consultant improves your business, and therefore increases your profits.

After organizing the initial meeting with you and perceiving your needs and requirements, along with the existing infrastructure, we will provide you with expert advice on how to manage your business in the most efficient and economical way. BeoNET will make a development project for the network, and make sure that you purchase all the active and passive network components you need and implement a solution that will provide your company the best solution to improve the quality of work.

Today it’s impossible to do a network project and not to take in consideration existing of virtualization with all of its benefits. Virtualization is a fundamental technological innovation that allows expert IT managers to develop creative solutions to answer business challenges. Wider meaning of virtualization term is to separate resources or requests for services from basic, physical execution of these services.

Development of virtual infrastructure doesn’t have any influence on your business operations, because the work is done in the same way as before. Virtual infrastructure gives advantages to administrators because managing resources of entire company is unified which enables them to answer to organization’s dynamic requests and to better balance investments in infrastructure.

Hardware and software

In addition to assisting in the procurement of new hardware and software, and legalization of existing systems, BeoNET is able to offer you various solutions that will help you improve your business, protect your data and make the best of your planned budget.


It can be said that the main computer in network is a server, and it is one of the components which require close attention. Incorrect installation and configuration of server and incompetent configuration of users’ computers can make employees’ work almost impossible. Like every orchestra, network of clients with a server as the conductor need to be professionally tuned.

BeoNET with years of experience in the field of network systems will install and configure the entire hardware and software you use in your business in such a way that suits your demands.

Nowadays, business data is a fundamental resource for a company. Unprotected data, along with the fact that can be lost by failing device on which they are stored, represent an excellent target for hackers. Data protection must therefore include regular backup, firewall and anti-virus protection for each and every computer and the network as a whole.

BeoNET carefully choose partnerships with leading companies in the field of protection and safety of computer systems, so we can help our clients to protect their business and remove any vulnerabilities in their systems.

Our experts from customer support are certified and have extensive experience in Microsoft, Apple, Linux and UNIX system support, Compaq, Hewlett Packard, Intel, IBM servers and workstations, as in the field of antimalware protection.


The development of communication infrastructure in our country allows you to choose the way in which you will be connected to the Internet depending on the technical capabilities at your location.

One of the benefits of broadband Internet is the possibility of reducing costs by using VoIP services. VoIP allows you to add multiple phone lines, receive more than one call at a time, and divert calls using IVR and much more for what you would otherwise have to pay extra. You can choose standard or wireless IP phones that even doesn’t have to be on the same location. To be able to use this feature, you will need a fast and stable Internet connection.



As of October 1, 2016 BeoNET and BeotelNet-ISP companies are a part of a single system.

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BeoNET successfully passed the recertification audit of ISMS

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BackupAssist ends support for BackupAssist v6 on 31st March 2015

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Microsoft will end support for Windows Server 2003/R2 on July 14, 2015

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